Why not to take Revenge?

Taking Revenge

Thinking of taking revenge. Well.

Before taking another revenge just ask your self why you did take revenge against anybody? Is it for that someone insulted you? Is it that for someone betrayed you? Or is it for someone had taken advantage of your position?

Honestly, just ask your self how many times in your life you felt joy when something negative happened with someone. It may be slightest joy in mind, not necessarily in action or in expression.

I wish to tell you this is an impure form of joy.  This is nothing but a feeling of subtle revenge.

It may not sound very nice but this kind of joy of enjoying the pain of others is an extremely low-grade form of joy.

It may justify your rightful revenge, which we generally call it justice.

Reason for Revenge?

The emotion or feeling of taking revenge comes from hatred and anger. You may feel,” I was so happy to see him suffer for what he has done, this is her punishment. It is tit for tat.”

This types of feelings of joy only increase our negative karmic account.  We may feel a momentum of satisfaction but it increases our sorrow instead of decreasing it.

Actually, when we think of taking revenge, we radiate negative energy to other people. In turn, the person receiving also radiates negative energy. This increases our pain and never bring any long term of joy.

So, next time please remember, if anyone does any wrong to us, we must protect us but we should not take law in our hand.  The wrongdoer will automatically get punishment for his wrongdoing but we should not indulge in doing the same wrong.

” I believe that if you put negative energy out there, that is what will come back.”- Persis Khambatta


Just Let Go


Just let it go. Forgive others.  If I start to forgive others from the heart, it will make me humble and will bring closer to others and God.  Then, when I forgive, I do not carry regrets or anger. I just let go and remain light and happy.


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