Believe means

i)  have confidence in the truth

ii) The existence or reliability of something without absolute proof

iii) hold as an opinion; think


To believe something it must sense to believe. The things must be consistent with your current knowledge and logic.


How Do We believe in Something?


Many of the things in our life we have never experienced, seen and still, we believe.

We have never seen the wind, but we believe.

We have never seen the gravitational force but we believe.

Sound exists but we have never seen it.

We believe in the soul. But no one has seen it.

Many of us believe in God and Ghosts. But who has practically seen it?

In our childhood, we have believed the words of our parents, teacher, and elders.  Because we thought they are right and accurate. My world exists based entirely on my perception of it.


Do You Believe in Karma?


Karma is your action or deed which decides your next course of action in life.

We all know that “Energy neither can be created nor be destroyed. It simply changes from one form to another”

So karma can not be destroyed.


Karma is not the only action. Karma includes the intention behind the action. The thought which we create before doing any action. Law of Karma empowers us to create the right Karma. Whatever things we are facing is the reaction of what we did earlier. It may not be only in this life but includes our past life also.

Karmic account means a connection with any soul with whom we had an earlier energy exchange.

It is said, “what goes around comes around”.

Karma doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as Karma.

Many people do not believe in Karma. Their arguments are that the principle of karma exists then why bad things happen to good people.

In Mahabharata, Anushasana Parva, it is said

Amongst thousands of cows, the calf finds its own mother cow. Similarly, the results of our past karma (deeds) when fully ripened, will find us without fail.”


What is the difference with Faith?


Many of us believe that faith and believe is the same thing. But it is not the same.

Belief is a concept, we hold as true. Belief is acceptance without supporting evidence. When there is evidence then it is not a belief. It becomes knowledge.

Belief is a set of concepts/principles/values that the brain accepts that it is true. It is your worldview.

Faith is acceptance with the presence of counter-evidence. Faith is acting on your belief. Faith is based on past experience.

Example: You have one friend whom you know for many years and you know that he is a trustworthy, reliable and problem solver. So, if you encounter any problem in life, you will have faith that he can solve it.

If your faith, in a later stage, proves to be wrong than there will be chances that you may feel traumatic. Eventually, he will have stronger faith in a new truth.


Make your Belief system


Our belief system creates thoughts and thoughts to create destiny.  From our childhood, we are engaged in two belief systems.

  1. God creates my own destiny
  2. I create my own destiny through my actions.

Both the belief system is different from each other. And the best part is we believed both of them.

Our belief system is like the operating system of a computer. When you choose any operating system, like windows or Macs, all of your work on your computer will be on the basis of this operating system. You can not run your computer on both the operating system simultaneously. All software will run those that are compatible with the operating systems. Yes, you can change your operating system but can not run both the operating system at the same time.

In the same way, two opposite belief systems can not be run at the same time.

The belief system is also like programming. We change it making another belief system.

Time to time we update our operating system. In the same way, we should also experiment with our belief system based on our experience and evidence and shift to a higher version of a belief system.


Sister BK Shivani of Brahama Kumari organization feels that one needs to experiment with beliefs before accepting them. If we believe – ‘Anger is necessary’, we will start using anger very often. This changes our way of thinking and living. One cannot be peaceful, believing that anger is necessary.


Please intimate how do you believe. Please comment on this article and share your experience on belief system.


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