Honesty is the best policy

What is Honesty?

Honesty is a trait of a soul. We do generally believe that honesty means not telling the lie. But it is only one part of honesty. Honesty is more than not lying.

It gives a complete image that an honest person does not do anything which morally wrong.

Honesty is the quality of a soul. Basically we all are honest. We all want to be honest. No one likes dishonesty. If we do not like honesty then why we all like an honest person. Why we regard an honest person?

Then why we are dishonest? We are dishonest because we have seen someone has gained being dishonest. An example will clear.

Example: An employee wants one day leave to meet his girlfriend and enjoy with her. He believes that if he says the truth to his boss, he may not be granted leave. So he resorts to telling a lie that someone in his family is sick and get one day leave. When he sees that dishonesty gives him desired results he repeats the same action of being dishonest. Gradually, he starts believing in his mind that if you want the desired result, you need to be dishonest.

Now just think that will you like if your spouse is dishonest to you. Would you give a reward to your children if they tell lies to you and dishonest to you? No one of us likes that other person should be dishonest to us but we continue to be dishonest for our benefit. We believe that vegetable seller, our boss, our every member of the family to be honest to me but myself not being honest is ok.

Whom to be Honest?

We should be honest with ourselves. Being dishonest means we are deceiving our selves. Our core qualities are honesty, purity.love, peace, happiness, bliss cooperation and service to others.

Honesty is the ability, to tell the truth, and stand by it when there is a crisis like situation. It requires courage to be honest in thoughts, words and action.

When I am honest with someone, it does not matter whether it is known to another person or not. The only thing I know that I am honest to me and all.

Honesty. loyalty and faithfulness are something you can not buy. These are an internal quality which should be developed, inculcated in our day to day life.


Is Honesty Still Pays?

Honesty is the best policy when you are dealing with the most competitive world, which is said cut-throat competition. Gone are the days when in your business technological superiority will give have an advantage in your business. Nowadays, there is hardly any technological differences between you and your nearest competitor. Now, if you want to be in business you have to be trustworthy. Trustworthiness comes from being honest to self and with others.

Honesty not only sow the seed of trust, but it also gives the rise and boosts to it. There are many transactions in life where no written agreement is there but transaction takes place on the basis of honesty and trust.

Honesty has no substitutes. We only see the benefit of dishonesty but the side effect of being dishonest is much greater than the benefit of being dishonest.


Why Do Honest people fail in Life?

Honesty is a moral choice. So whoever chooses it may face hard realities.

We have seen many honest people fail in their life and business.

We should remember Honesty pay but patience is more important. Power of honesty fails when we lose patience. Patience is pre-condition of it.

If we analyse why honest people fail in many cases, we will find that honest people are not intelligent enough and they have bad planning. You must have good planning of your future with better execution of it and farsightedness to achieve success in life.

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