Happiness Meaning


Happiness is when you feel good about your life and contentment in life. It is the things of the mind. You can not be happy if your mind does not feel happy. It necessarily is the positive thoughts that make happy mood. Your success, achievement my bring contentment for some time but not necessarily happiness.

Happiness is being satisfied with life.


Does Achievement Bring Happiness?


I may have so many things in life. I may have enough money, power, and comfort. Does it mean I am happier than you?

No one knows what is going on in our minds. Nobody. I have achieved more does not mean I am stable and happier than you. My stability and happiness do not depend on what I have achieved? It means I am richer than you, I have acquired more wealth than you but it does not mean I happier than you.

Possessions Do not Bring Happiness.


We are looking at the entire world and believing that they are happier than us. We are in believe that if I buy expensive cars which my neighbour bought will bring me happiness. I do believe that if I am promoted to the next higher position I will be happier.


Achievement and Happiness


Don’t achieve to be happy. Be happy and then achieve. Two different things if I achieve to be happy then our happiness postponed to the next achievement and then the next. But when I am happy and achieve then happiness becomes is part of my life. Even if I fail to achieve than also I am happy.

So if I buy an expensive car or get promoted is no wrong but the problem is that if I achieve this then only I be happy.


Don’t make your Possession is your identity.


I will not get upset if my friend buys a better car. I will not be disturbed if someone says my car is not nice.

Don’t make your possession is your identity. When my possession becomes my identity, I start related myself with the possession I have. If someone says that your car is not good, I will feel hurt. Please do remember that you are not car but you possess a car.

Factors Influences Happiness


These factors may influence Happiness

1.  Earning. Basically personal earning and family earning.

2. Health

3. Family

4. Society

5. Relationship with others and social relationships

6.  Positive Feelings

Importance of Happiness


1.   Happy People are healthy. It has seen that those are happy they generally become less sick. Being happy when they suffer from any disease there recover early.


2.  Happy people are more successful. It has been seen that happy people are successful peopleWhen you are happy, you happy you achieve more.


3. Better Relationship with all. Happy people have more friends and liked by all. They have a better support system.


4.  Happy people are more helpful in comparison to others. Happy people are always supportive. They help others.


5.  Greater Acceptance. Happy people accept life as it comes. They have less regret in their life. They do not regret their decisions.


6.  Happy people are not jealous of others. Happy people do not envy others. They are not jealous of others. They do not have any negative feelings if someone achieves more.


7.  Happy people live longer. We all know that happy people live longer. Happiness makes them stronger. They do not feel sick every now and then.


8.  Happy people are more productive and more creative. It has been observed that happy people are productive. Happiness gives them more creativity.


9.  Happy Marriage Life. Happy people have a happy married life. Their understanding of their spouse is very good. They tend to have better relationships with their spouse. They share most of the things with each other.


Does Happy Marriage Bring Happiness?


There is no relationship between happiness and marriage. When you are happy in marriage than happiness becomes a normal thing. It seems married people are ore happy then bachelors. The quality of social relationships between individuals brings happiness.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness


We heard much time that money can’t buy happiness. It is partially true. When you have secured basic things in life you can be happy.  Such as Food, Social security, own property, money to travel to the places with your loved ones and a secure future can make you happy. But when you reach such a state than more money will not bring more happiness.

What Makes Happy Life


Before discussing what makes us happy we should be sure of what does not make happy. In my opinion money, material possession, intelligence, Attractiveness of a person, Education, Good Job does not guarantee happiness.

But the following things assure happiness.


1.   Family and Friends. When you spend quality time with your family it makes you happy. Social connection and time spent with friends make you happy. It is the basic human needs of social recognition. The friends are great. Friends can take you to happy times when you enjoyed it together. They become your support network.


2.  Positive Thinking. When you think positively good results come. Positive thinking does not mean always expecting the best thing and getting the best. Positive thinking is expecting the best and accepting the results.

The best thing to be happy is believing yourself and not comparing yourself with others.


3.  Me Time. Give some time to yourself. Think about yourself. Do something which you do like. Read. Sing alone. Be in silent. Do some meditation. Recharge your soul.


4.  Meaning and Purposeful Work: You are happy when you do some meaningful work. Contribute your knowledge, experience to others. Especially to those are not privileged.  When you contribute for some good purpose you feel happy.


5.  Gratitude. Grateful people are happy people. You must be thankful to God and everyone. You must be grateful to unknown farmers you have cultivated your food, be grateful to each one who makes your life easy. Even be grateful to the person who gave you difficulty in life. Because without them you would have not strong enough.


6. Forgiveness: Forgiveness is one of the best qualities of a human. When you forgive someone then you are the most beneficiary. Because, when you do not forgive then you keep unpleasant things in your mind. The same unpleasant things being repeated in your mind which makes you unhappy.


7. Doing Charity. Do charity. You will find many in your localities who are less privileged than you. If you help them, surely you will be happy. Be a volunteer to help others.


8.  Believe in God. Believing in God will help you to overcome many problems.


9.  Good Health. Health does not contribute to your happiness. But the absence of good health makes you unhappy. Health is a hygiene factor. Good health tends to be taken granted. Do some regular exercise to keep a good heath. But don’t overdo it because overdoing will not make you happier.


10.  Hobby. Make a hobby. A hobby gives pleasure. Spending time with activities that you love and not attached to your work or commitment increases happiness. It is proven those who are engaged in any type of hobbies enjoy a better life and be in a happy mood, feel more interested, less stressed and lower heart rates.


11. Meditate. Meditation makes you calm and peaceful. When you meditate, you accept everything as it is. You start loving yourself. You find happiness within you and not outside.


12. Laugh. A good amount of laugh will make you happy and healthy. See the funny side of life. See some comedy serials, jokes. This will relax your mind.


Does anything leave out which makes us happy? Please write your comment. What is your personal opinion about happiness?


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