Happy Life

What is Happy Life?

I do feel happy life is nothing but enjoying life at a full extent in every situation. Accepting the odd, awkward, and difficult situation happily is a happy life.

Everyone measure’s happiness in his own way.

There is no one in the Universe who does not want to be happy. But what is the secret code of Happiness?

Principles of Happiness

The principles of happiness are decoded here.

1.  Sleeping Early and Getting up at early.

Sleep early to get up early. Early in the morning when you get up you are fresh. Nature is also fresh. Free from all types of negativity. Think of God. Get a blessing from God.  Even if you think of your business/job, then also you will be able to analysis a better way.

Morning vibration is highest. Only positivity all around. A very small shift in change is a very very big achievement.

2.  Appreciate self.

Appreciate yourself for any good things you do.

Don’t make your religion and work differently. Make your work is your religion. What good things you learn from spirituality apply them to your work.

3. Surrounded yourself with positive people

You need to be surrounded by all positive people. If you are with negative people their negativity will attract you and you will also start thinking negativity in everything.

When you are surrounded by toxic people you can not be happy.

If you want a great life you must commit to a great life.

Do what the majority do not do. Think like of minority, not the majority of people think.

4. Live in Present

You will not be live forever. One day you will be no more. It may be seven days from now or seven weeks or seven years or seventy years. No one knows how many days you will live further.

Believe that life is short and unpredictable. Knowing thing, we should not embrace fear but accept and enjoy for today. Enjoy life for the present moment. Give your best today. For everything you do. Give your best to everyone whom you meet. Be your best towards your family, friend, colleagues and anyone whom you meet today.

You have to be your best self today and every moment of today. Be light-hearted today.

5. Make others feel happy

Nothing matters only matter how you made to feel others.  How you felt in your heart. It is about knowing that nothing can go with you at the end. Your body will die but your soul will be in the journey after your death to another new body.

This is only important and real in life.

6.  Make impossible to possible.

Nothing is impossible. Just believe that if anyone can achieve, you also can achieve that. Only required is that your planning. Plan it and do whatever sacrifice is required to make your plan successful

7.  Ask yourself will this make me happy?

It is worth nothing if it does not make you happy. Before doing anything just ask yourself, “Is this will make me happy?” If your reply comes “NO” then ask the next question. “Is doing this will make me happy in the long term?”. If still answer come “NO” then you leave it. It is not meant for you.

8.  Be yourself.

Don’t do what others do. You are unique. You have to be unique and you are special. Never leave your oneself. You can be happy and successful only if you are you. Don’t do anything to please others.

Please others when you feel it is for your happiness. Never compare yourself with anyone. Never compete with any other, compete with your self. Compete with your own achievement, your own success. Make your own decision.

9. Get Happiness inside

There is saying “Needing Nothing attract everything”.

Nothing outside can make you happy. Only things inside you make you happy. We have seen in our real life that people having everything are not happy at all. But the person who does not have anything is happy and contented.

Happiness never comes from outsides, it is always and only within us. No one can make you happy till you think to be happy. No comfort makes you happy unless you feel it from inside. Happiness is nothing but a state of mind.

Happiness is the highest level of success.

10. Do feel good and rest will follow.

Live your own life. Be bright and Shine. Don’t lose your brightness to adjust with others. The toxic people will make you also toxic. Be happy on your own.

11.  Focus on what you want.

You will get what you focus on. If you search negativity in this world you will find plenty of it. When you search positivity you will get plenty of it. If your intention is to find good you will find good in everything and in every human being. Each human being has its goodness. Each one is special, find their goodness.

12. See challenges as your opportunity to show your great character.

Think the best. Expect the best. Always ask yourself how this benefit my life.

Live who you are. Love who you are. And look forward who will become.

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Science Behind Happiness

Daily Habits which will make you happy

Following habits, if you inculcate in your daily life surely you will be happy. This is scientifically proven.

1.    Be Grateful. Say Thank You.

Thanks, everyone, every time. When you say thank you, you generally look into positive aspects of life. Thanks to everything. Thank God, thank the person who did good to you, Thanks for your fate, thanks to your enemy. It is sure that you will feel good when you say thank you.

When you feel depressed, by saying more and more thank you you will feel less depressed.

2. Sleep at least 6-8 hours daily.

When you sleep at least six hours daily your body and mind get rest. Your body rejuvenates itself after rest.

3. Do Physical Exercise. Do play sports. 

A daily minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is required. After doing exercise or playing any sports we do feel happy.

4. Learn new things

Learning new things make us happy.

5. Touch and Embrace

Make a warm handshake. A good physical contact will make you happy.

6. Don’t to do anything which you don’t like

If you don’t like anything don’t do it.

7. Solve one problem at a time

If you try to solve your problem at a time you will be tired and frustrated. Focus one thing at a time. Solve one problem at a time.

8. Expect the best and get it.

If you expect the best you will get it. It does not mean everything will go on as per your expectation. But expect the best and accept the result of what it comes.


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