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Losing a Job.

It is not easy to accept losing a job suddenly even with a bit prior information.  It is one of the most stressful experiences in life. We feel anger, depressed, grieving of all lost and started feeling that of the loser. It is natural. It invites many untold and unseen challenges.

Why Losing a job is Stressful?

Our job is much more than an instrument of earning. Our job becomes our identity. We look ourselves differently and society also gives us respect as per our job’s identity.

Losing a job is not only losing income but many more things attached to the job.

  1. Our job is our professional identity and recognition of our ability.
  2. A good job increases self-esteem and self-confidence
  3. A good job gives us social identity and respect from others.
  4. It gives us a sense of security
  5. Most of the times our job defines how our lives will be
  6. It is a habit and routine
  7. It is a purposeful activity

What to do when you lose your job?

It is very much natural to have a sense of grief. It is easy to feel that you have a lost piece of your identity.

1.  Accept the Job Loss

Firstly, accept reality. Grief and analysis will not make you overcome the situation. Accept the challenge. Write your feeling and make a plan. Think positive. Don’t waste your times worrying about the situation which is not in your control.

2.  Belief in yourself and say to yourself that ” I am not my job”

Believe that you have a separate identity than your job. Believe that you have the ability to find another job. If one can give you a job there are also many employers who need your service and they are searching for a person like you. You need to find that employer. Just that nothing else. Never criticise or blame your self. Don’t put your self down. Your future employer will not like a person who has low confidence.

3. Talk to your family.

Don’t hide to your family. Talk to them. Talk to your children. Convince them not to worry and tell them you have the ability to find a livelihood. It is just a tempory setback. Your family loves you and you lose your job they also have their concerns. Listen to their concerns and suggestions.

4. Create a Job Search Plan

Make a plan for how will go for job search. Be realistic. Set priorities.

5. Use your Network

There are many jobs that are not advertised and being full filled through a reference. Use your network. There may jobs or opportunities you can find.

5. List your Abilities and Specialities

Make a list of your skill. You must something special ability. Just recollect what are good things were said about you by your colleagues or Superiors, make a list of them.

Feel your strength and specialities.

6. Use your time for full filling your unaccomplished goals.

Set aside time for your family fun. Enjoy along with your family and forget your troubles. Use your spare times to full fill your unaccomplished goals. There may be many things for which you did not get time when you were employed, now, do those things.

7. You may take help of a Counselor

You may take the help of a career counsellor. He can guide you to build a career.




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