Accept Yourself


It is difficult for us to accept ourselves. Many a time, we accept other’s mistake in life. But, if we committed the same mistake we see to ourselves in negative minds. Sometimes we labelled ourselves as ” I am looser”, “I have always bad luck”, “I can’t do anything right”. Or anything of such negative things.


Meaning of Accept


Accept means

i) Taking or receiving something offered.

ii) To agree or giving consent to anything (like any proposal, agreement, report or someone’s apology)

iii) Responding or answering affirmatively ( accepting invitation)

iv) Undertaking any responsibility, duties or honours (Accepting the role of President)

v)Receiving or admitting formally, as to a college or club

vi) Receiving or containing(Something attached or inserted etc)( Like this socket won’t accept a three-pin plug)

vii) Receiving without any adverse reaction ( any transplanted organ or tissue)


Why Can’t I Accept Myself?



We generally have the problems of accepting ourselves as we are. Most of us, constantly seek validation from others.

We force ourselves to get acceptance from others. This habit ultimately forces us to disconnect from ourselves.

Have you ever asked yourself why you need other’s validation? Why I should constantly think what others thinking about me?

The problem is with our upbringing. We are taught that if we do better than others then only we will be appreciated by others. I will be awarded if I become first in class. Then what about others. There might be many those have scored better than their previous result.

We each and every one is unique. Neither we look similar nor our any of our quality is similar. Being unique individual each one of us have specific interest and each one has at least one specific quality.

It is better to learn from others, taking advice from others but no one should influence us, Neither we will compare ourself with others.



Learn To Forgive Your Faults


As a human, it is our tendency to commit some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. We learn from our mistakes. It is part of life.  So I accept it, learn from it and grow from it.

It is not your mistakes that define you. But, your approach to life defines you. Don’t run from the truth but embrace it.

Those people are happier who forgive others and self.

The more you can accept yourself more you can love others. The more you love others more you accept yourself.

Learn to love and forgive lavishly and never look back.



Accepting the Situation and Others


Acceptance is not a weakness. Do not see acceptance is a weakness. It is not giving up. It means that you recognise and understand your current situation. Acceptance allows you to free from shackles of denial and move forward in life creating a new path and new life for your self.

Accept of someone’s sanskar means I Accept you as you are. But if we do not accept, it means our mind will discuss why he is doing so, or how he can be like this. Resisting means not accepting the things and losing our own strength. He will not be changed if we do not except him.

When you accept, your mind doesn’t register anything. Accept with knowledge. If a child does anything it is accepted by Mother. But if he does the same thing in 8 years, it will not be accepted by his mother. She will refer to it that it is not good. Because she has accepted that a child can do the mistake but a kid can not do it.


Acceptance means you will feel freedom in mind. But in resistance, you ask many questions to your mind. A mind will be disturbed to find the answers and will be repeating the incidents.


Please give your feedback. What do you feel about self-acceptance?


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